Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Weekend's Weddings

Friday night, there was this Dark Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Icing at the Courtyard at Pack Place:

Then, yesterday, there was this one at Taylor Ranch, in Fairview. This one was a Vanilla Almond Cake with Almond Buttercream Icing. It was for a lady who is my bank teller. So all the other bank teller ladies were there in their pretty dresses. Which is pretty funny, because I've used the same bank ever since I moved to asheville 7 years ago, and I've had alot of emotional meltdowns and toddler discipline "moments" in the Downtown Branch of Asheville Savings Bank. So its pretty cool that my bank teller hired me even though she knows I'm a wierdo.

And, finally, today, at The Farm in Candler (otherwise known as The Farm Party Barn) there was this lovely little cupcake display with a vintage cake topper for the gluten-free raspberry white chocolate cutting cake. The cupcakes were Triple Chocolate Ganache, Georgia Hummingbird, and Carrot Spice Cake.

I really love driving around to all these random places all over Western North Carolina to deliver wedding cakes. It gives me a welcome break to being in my kitchen, I get to rock out to whatever-the-fuck-i'm listening-to-at-the-moment (today it was MIA, the Avett Brothers, and the mixtape Lewis made for me) smoke cigarettes, and freak out about the process of delivering a wedding cake, a process I like to call the "Odyssey of Fear." Oh, and I've developed this habit of going to the Admiral in West Asheville for a meal when I'm done. Which is very good. Very, very good. Please go now and eat a catfish sandwich. You will thank me.


arratik said...

Those carrot spice cupcakes were AWESOME!!!

It was cool running into you @ the Farm today!

Heather Miracle said...

omg. how did you do ALL that!??? Seriously, do you freeze ahead of time or what? Do you have help? I'm impressed!

Ursula said...

Here's a shout out for the Asheville Savings Bank teller ladies!!!! What's hummingbird cake? Please invite me next time you hit the Admiral.

Short Street Cakes said...

Heather: Magic. Plain and simple. And 18 hour workdays. And one part-time helper some of those days. And my husband doing round-the-clock kid duty. Ursie: its a lightly spiced cake with pineapple, strawberries, pecans and banana. Think really moist carrot cake, but tropical instead of winter-warmish. Admiral: you got it.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and my favorite, ever.

Also, i thought you might enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

jodi - you make our thursday night! chocolate rasberry & almond rasberry. delicious.