Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Late Summer Cake!

We made these cakes today in the shop- there's a Raspberry Lemonade Cake by the slice, and Fresh, Local Fig Spice Cake Bundt Cake and Cupcakes!

The fresh figs came from my neighbor Sharon's backyard on Short Street in Montford- my son helped her pick them. So they're totally super local. And so fresh. And so yummy. As you can see, I'm excited about the figs.

Lemon curd filling and raspberry buttercream icing on sour cream pound cake layers!

Thank you, Sharon, for the beautiful figs!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing: Community Coupons!

We're really excited to launch a new community endeavor here at the Cake Shop: "Community Coupons!" Here's the deal: every couple of months, we will chose a different non-profit group in the community as our Community Coupon recipient. The non-profit will distribute Short Street Cakes coupons, and, when you bring one in to the shop, we will donate 10% of your purchase price to that organization! WE love it when YOU come in and buy stuff from Short Street Cakes. YOU love supporting local non-profits while eating delicious cake! Win/Win, right? From now until October 31st, Our VOICE will be the recipient. Be on the lookout for community coupons starting next week. And, hey, if you are a business owner, you can do it too!

Grassroots Revival this Sunday!

This Sunday, from 4-8 pm at the Pearson Garden in Montford, Bountiful Cities will be hosting our annual Grassroots Revival- a chance for people and groups working for social change and sustainability to get together, socialize, and foment creativity and change in our communities! Bring a dish to share, beverages, and your own eating utensils. Rain or shine... see you there and spread the word!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vote for Short Street Cakes as Asheville's Best Bakery!

Click here to go to the ballot.

Friends, it's that time of year again, when the Mountain Xpress conducts its annual Reader's Poll to find the Best Of Western North Carolina. We here at Short Street Cakes would be so very grateful if you would take a moment or a few to vote for us in the Best Bakery category. Now, its not just that we at Short Street Cakes enjoy participating in the ancient and sacred art of competition, although we do. Its also important because voting for your favorite Asheville establishments gives us much needed visibility and support. Voting for your favorite local businesses is a way to support them if you live far away, and to recognize those businesses and organizations that you believe are having a positive impact on the community.
Thanks to you, Short Street Cakes won #3 in Best Bakery category in 2009. We'd love to get even more votes this year! Seriously, this means a lot to us. Thanks so much.

Voting in the poll requires that you:
1) enter your email address and confirm your email address to validate your vote, and
2) vote in at least 30 categories.
3) complete your ballot and email validation by 11pm on Wednesday, August 18.

To make requirement #2 a little bit easier for you, I've compiled a list of my recommendations for 2010. Please note that I don't eat out very often, and usually go to the places where I know the menu and the servers. I'm a little bit stuck in 2001 when it comes to dining options, and shamelessly vote for my friends and their businesses whenever possible, and you should do the same! If there's a business you love that you think I should have mentioned, by all means, post it in the comments section!

Here Goes:

12 bones

Short Street Cakes

Sunny Point

Jack of the Wood



Cheap lunch
Clingman Cafe

Silver Dollar

Favorite restaurant
Marco's Pizzeria

Ice cream
Two Spoons

Marco's Pizzeria


Heiwa Shokudo

Latin American/Mexican

Marco's Pizzeria

Pub grub
Jack of the Wood

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Little Bee

Rosetta's Kitchen

Favorite bar
DeSoto Lounge

Gay bar
Cookie LaRou's

Upscale bar

Hipster bar

Dive bar

David Alexander at Mayfels

Jay Weatherly

Coffee shop

Local brewery

Local art gallery
Phil Mechanic

Local visual artist
Ursula Gullow

Favorite local band

Local busker/street performer
Blind Boy Chocolate and the Milk Sheiks

Local comedy troupe

Local performance artist
Silver Drummer Girl

Local DJ (non-radio)
JRR Foolkiller

Local poet/author
Tamiko Ambrose

Local filmmaker
Courtney Chappell

Local video store
TV Eye

Local arts writer
Ursula Gullow

Local blog
My Life in Cake

Local website

Alternative healing center
White Pine Acupuncture

Computer repair
Charlotte Street Computers

Hair salon

Tattoo artist
Rob Hunt

Tattoo/piercing studio
Forever Tattoo

Downtown Books and News

Clothing: men's

Clothing: women's

Clothing: consignment or vintage

Local farm
Hickory Nut Gap

Garden supply/nursery
Farm Girl Flower Shop

Local fashion designer
Brooke Priddy

Record shop
Harvest Records

Tailgate/farmers market
City Market

Arts/craft fair
Dry Goods Shop

Beer store
Bruisin' Ales

Day care
Odyssey Community School

Kid-friendly restaurant
Tod's Tasties

Place to entertain kids
High Flight Gymnastics

Place to learn outside of school
Health Adventure

Jolly Balloon Smiths

Toy store
Dancing Bear Toys

Rescue organization
Brother Wolf

Pet Vet on Patton

Local festival

Bumper sticker
Love Asheville- Buy Local

Local environmental group
Dogwood Alliance

Local do-gooder group
Bountiful Cities Project

East-West Asheville

Thing you'd like to see local government do
Focus on Affordable Housing

Thing downtown Asheville needs
A Playground!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Weekend's Weddings!

It's so good to be back in the shop, rocking wedding season like a champ. Here's some pictures of this weekend's weddings: all FOUR of them! Correction: I neglected to take pictures at Tashi and Meredith's beautiful gathering, because I was so happy I forgot to.

First, I was all like, Imma bring this cake to Lake Eden.

Then, I was like, Here you go, Greenville! Here's a vegan Peach Cake for ya!
(I think its still pretty even though I had to take the pictures in the walk-in cooler at the Poinsett Hotel)

And then, well- actually this wedding was the first of the day- these cupcakes went to a lovely mountaintop wedding in Old Fort.

And then we feasted at Tashi and Meredith's Wedding! Big love, Asheville (and evirons) xo!