Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogasheville Blog Awards: Voting is Open!

Please click here to vote for the BlogAsheville 2008 Blog awards. My Life In Cake has been nominated for two awards; if you, gentle reader, believe that our beloved little blog is deserving of the title "best food blog" or "most likely to make money by blogging" then please, click the link and vote.


Short Street Cakes said...

and, it seems as though we (and by we i mean me) have also been nominated for "makes me feel happiest" and "blogger I'd most like to have a beer with." unfortunately, I didn't see some of my nominees there: blogasheville for "best all around" and "how to take a fall" for "best writing." oh, well, maybe next year.

Short Street Cakes said...

"art seen asheville" also missing. I nominated that one for "best new blog." OUCH!

Ursula said...

Thanks darling for the nomination, I meant to nominate you for "blogger I most want to see without clothes on" but then I forgot. Maybe next year!

Gordon Smith said...


Did I miss your nominations?!?

I take full responsibility for that. We had so many, and I feared I might lose some. I wish you'd had a look at the nominations list and let me know, but it's too late to change the voting form now.

Hope you'll forgive me! I'll make some amends at B.A.

Short Street Cakes said...

its ok, gordon, I only noticed one missing when I looked it over before the ballot was finalized. luckily the blogasheville crew is a goodnatured group of folks! see you next week...