Sunday, December 28, 2008

We interrupt this cake blog to bring you: Christmas.

Or: The Story of the Twenty-Two Pound Turkey and the Benevolent Witches who Cooked It.

Or: A Very Porky Christmas.

Candice, showing the stuffed mushrooms who's boss.

A very pretty stuffed turkey, accompanied by an even lovelier Lexish (notice the Mountain Chic Look: Layers of evening wear, high heels, an apron, and a down vest. Nobody rocks Mountain Chic like Lexish.)

It has been our tradition in the last few years to stay home for Christmas. Its a special thing, establishing our own rhythm for the holidays and creating new traditions that are different from those of our families of origin. The last few years its been Orphan Christmas: bonfires and bottles of beverages and whatever friends who are in town hanging out and creating a huge meal. But this year, it was beyond orphan: it was magic. Everybody pitched in and made the Biggest Christmas Dinner ever. And EVERYTHING had pork in it (due to it having been made by a bunch of reformed vegetarians)
-22 pound turkey with sausage and sweet potato stuffing (courtesy of Yours Truly)
-pork loin a la Lexi
-homemade Sourdough bread (made from the West End Bakery sourdough starter/mother which I made when I worked there in 2001)
- Patti LaBelle's Over The Rainbow Glistening Mac 'N' Cheese a la Lexi
-Old Skool Green Beans (saved only from being bacony by insistence of the lone non-reformed vegetarian, Darcy)
-Ridiculously good Cranberry Pineapple Delight (thanks Nance!)
-Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms a la Candice
-a collection of bread-and-cheese appetizers, drizzled with basil-infused olive oil and served with Summer Sausage
-Apple Pie (courtesy of the leftover bounty of my mom's annual Caroling Party)
-and, of course, cake, a la Short Street. (it was Hummingbird)
We ate and ate and ate. There was a bonfire. Oh, and Smores! Jasper's buddy B was there, along with his parents and baby brother (our new-ish and totally delightful neighbors). And other than the 2 daddies, all other guests in attendance were strong and powerful ladies: Short Street Cakes' Best Girl, Inner Circle Dweller, and Accounting Advisor Lexish, Ursie, Frieda, Darcy, the new neighbor/mama/friend, and my new friend Candice (plug time: Candice is the owner of Athen's GA's Urban Sanctuary Spa.)
The Diva Energy was high, and it took me a while to let go and realize how busy I've been, and how long it would actually take me to unwind and be present for my family and friends, but, 4 days later, the turkey stock is simmering on the stove, the leftovers are almost gone, the house is clean and cozy and I am almost ready to return to work. I didn't get to the household projects I wanted to finish, but there's always next weekend. Today is my last hurrah before diving back into cakeland full force: I'm going to see a movie with my husband and son this afternoon before they leave to visit family North and South for the next few days. And I can safely say that this has been the happiest Pagan-Jewish-Southern Christmas EVER. I know that the cake shop has been dark for a few days, and I'm sorry for that, but I assure you, your cakes will be tastier and more lovingly made, and your shop will be more fun and creative now that I have had a holiday. A sane and happy Cake Lady means a happier and more prosperous Cake Shop, I feel sure. Thanks for all the love- 2008 was great! Lets shine, be kind, look fine, and unwind in 2009. Peace and blessings to all of you in the coming year.
PS: this is our picture for our New Year's card this year (which may or may not get sent out by New Year's):

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I heart cake shop.

Which is good, considering I spent 16 hours there yesterday. I love all my neighbors- I made a baby shower cake yesterday for Clyde's heating and cooling, and got to hang out at a bluegrass jam at another neighbor's place. The Hands of Sean Perry are sweet folk, and I've yet to meet the union guys, but I'm guessing they are pretty cool too. Also on the list: beach bingo! Who's with me? Anyway, East-East-West Asheville is making Short Street Cakes feel right at home.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter is for Sugared Fruits

Nothing says "christmas" like kumquats and cherries covered in caster sugar on a chocolate cake. Or is it just me?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

6th Annual Grassroots Revival

Heads up:
The Bountiful Cities Project is hosting the 6th Annual Grassroots Revival this Saturday, December 13th, from 4-10pm. The event will take place at Pearson Garden, on Pearson Street in Montford. The Grassroots Revival is an opportunity for grassroots activists and organizations for social change to network about their projects, and enjoy one another's company!

The Revival will feature a delectable potluck supper followed by a sharing circle, in which everyone will have the opportunity to share their work with the group. Please come down to share, eat, drink and be merry with fellow activists. Re-charge your batteries and remember to bring a dish!

About Bountiful Cities:

Our Mission

To create, on urban land, beautiful community spaces that produce
food in abundance and foster a learning environment for social
justice and sustainability.
Our Vision

The vision of Bountiful Cities Project is to enliven and
empower self-reliance, cooperation, and a stronger
sense of community through providing an opportunity
to grow, harvest and eat fresh, local produce.

We envision community spaces that serve as models
for sustainability through organic food production,
water conservation, ecological building, community
celebration, and cooperative economics.

This vision is becoming a reality at our two flagship gardens:
a permaculture-based vegetable garden on Pearson Drive
in Montford, and the Dr. George Washington Carver Edible Park
at Stevens Lee Community Center- which is home to over
30 varieties of fruit trees and an under story of berries
and medicinal herbs.

For more information go to


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Open House Rocked.

These photos all by Egg:

The open house at the Cake Shop was incredibly lovely. We were handing out mini cupcakes, and Ben from 1000faces was there giving out coffee. (I'm super excited about being the site of 1000faces Asheville debut- but more on that later). The space became cozier and sweeter with each person that walked in the door and expressed their congratulations, and enjoyed the offerings. I'm so excited about what's to come at the Cake Shop! And here's the pertinent info: 225 Haywood Road, in West Asheville. (coming up the hill from Clingman/River, its at the top of the hill before the curve). Hours by Appointment only for the next 6 weeks or so. In late January we will have a grand opening, which will be the beginning of cafe hours and our new menu.
In other news: we got our Christmas tree today! Yay! Enjoy this season of celebrating the return of the light.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Life in Cake Shop

Life is certainly getting exciting here in Cake World. I took a nice long Thanksgiving vacation with my family, and this week have been a busy bee trying to get the ball rolling on the new space. I bought a shiny new oven (don't worry, the Frigidaire Flair will proudly be on display in the cake shop, in its new incarnation as a coffee fixins station) which should be installed tomorrow or Friday. Saturday, from noon to 6pm, I'll have a little pre-opening open house, for folks to stop by and check out the cake-shop-in-progress. We'll be handing out mini cupcakes, coupons, and coffee samples from 1000faces, in Athens, Ga. And then, City-of-Asheville willin', I will be open for special order production (by appointment only) the first of next week. December and into January we will be preparing the retail part of the shop, and sometime in January you can expect a cake party to celebrate the launching of our new menu and cafe hours.
Also, Mountain Xpress did a nice little write-up about the Cake Shop. Thanks, y'all!
Since I haven't been baking very much, I'll post a picture of Jasper on Thanksgiving vacation: