Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lexi!

This is Lexi.
She's my best friend.
Friday was her Birthday!

I'm lucky that Lexi is my best friend.
Lexi, on the other hand, is lucky that I'm a cake baker. Lexi really, really likes cake. Lexi and I have been best friends since the third grade.

(Me and lex are the two girls in the middle. Please note the perm- it was intended to make me look like Little Orphan Annie. Big fan.)

And here's lex and I during the very glamorous 9th grade, I believe. Please note the heavy metal homemade denim jacket on Lexi.

And here's Lexi, enjoying her custom birthday cake: Marble Cake with Maple Sweetened Cream Cheese Icing and Toasted Pecans.
I love you, Lexi! Thank you for always being there for me, and thank you for being you. Happy Happy Birthday!


traceyj said...

Awesome photos. What a friendship, cakeship.

Ursula said...

OMG. That just made me smile so hard. XOXO