Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wouldn't it be nice?

If Short Street Cakes won "Best Bakery" in the Mountain Express Best of WNC Reader's Poll? I think so. If you think so too, click on on this here link to vote. Voting closes August 19th. Anyone can vote (but only once).

You can also vote for My Life in Cake as the best blog, Short Street as the best Twitterer, Howard Street Handmade as the best Arts and Crafts Fair, and Bountiful Cities Project ast the best local do-gooder. You have to vote in at least 30 catagories for your vote to count, so here are some other recommendations:
Best BBQ (duh): 12 Bones
Favorite Restaurant: Admiral
Ice Cream: Two Spoons
Italian: Marcos
Indian: Mela
Japanese: Heiwa Shokudo
Pizza: Marcos
Chocolate: French Broad Chocolate Lounge
Bar: Admiral
Dive Bar: Broadways
Coffeeshop: Dripolator
Brewery: Wedge
Beer: Wedge
Visual Artist: Ursula Gullow
Singer/Songwriter: Jaye Bartell/Pilgrim
DJ: SteadyLove
Video Store: TV Eye
Movie Theater: Brew and View
Arts Writer: Ursula Gullow
Hair Salon: Adorn
Bookstore: Downtown Books and News
Women's Clothing: Custom
Men's Clothing: Hunk
Consignment/Vintage: Honeypot
Farm: Lady Luck Flower Farm
Fashion Designer: Brooke Priddy
Record Store: Harvest Records
Day Care: Mountain Area Child and Family Center (they really are the best... we love them... heart heart heart)
Kid's Entertainer: Jolly Balloon Smiths
Thing you'd like to see local government do: take action on food security
Thing Downtown needs: A Playground and an awesome park that's not full of cops chasing bums, but where cops, bums, kids, and everybody else can hang out in peace and harmony because its just so beautiful!

But that's just my opinion.

So who did I forget? Leave a comment and set me straight.


Short Street Cakes said...

oops, I already forgot: I voted for Anne Fitten Glenn for best MX feature. xo

madteaparty said...

Great list!

I am asking folks to vote for Mad Tea Party as best Metal band because we don't really fit into any of the categories and it would be funny if we place there.

Nice seeing you at the Big Crafty!


madteaparty said...

Actually, maybe we'll lobby for Mad Tea Party in the INDIE category...

Go Short Street!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Harvest Records!! One of the best record stores anywhere, not just WNC.


Ursula said...

Don't forget Cookie la Rue's as best kept secret and best gay bar!!!!
xxooxoxox XOXOX xoxoox