Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Gypsy Mermaid!

This is Keri Frank, AKA, the Gypsy Mermaid.

She lives in Efland (down east NC), has two kids, was my freshman college roommate at UGA, (oh, just wait 'til I bust out the scanner and upload some keri pics circa 1994...) and recently quit her job to pursue her dream of owning her own jewelry business. She makes badass earrings and necklaces out of a converted shed in her backyard.

Her jewelry is made from recycled sterling silver, is affordable, and super style-y! Her earrings are also for sale here at the Cake Shop, in the Birthday Boutique!

We've already sold a bunch! (um...check's in the mail, Keri)
Keri just started a blog. You can read it here. I'm so proud of you, Keri!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE them! I need to get down there this weekend for some mini cupcakes, earrings and other handmade goodness.

the gypsy mermaid said...

Thanks for blogging about me, what an honor! OHHHHHHH, that picture from my bday, I don't even remember.......good day!Lots of love to you Jodi Rhoden, for keeping it real all day long! K.Frank