Friday, May 8, 2009

Merry May

This is Katie from Lady Luck Flower Farm:

And these are the just-picked-today local, edible, organic, super-fragrant fresh Carolina Roses she brought us to adorn your cakes and cupcakes with!
And thus officially launches fresh flower season. Fresh flowers will always be on hand in the cake shop, as an option to make your sweet gift of cake rise to over-the-rainbow heights of love. Fresh flowers are priced as an "add-on" on the menu. But on Sunday, we will put these lovely roses and rose petals (as well as the beautiful pansies Katie grew) on all your Mother's Day cake and cupcake purchases for FREE! We would like to thank your mother, (or babymama) for the gift of life, and YOU SHOULD TOO!

This is the cake that we made yesterday, which was too gooey and delicious not to eat ourselves and take home to friends and family. It was lemon pound cake, iced and filled with lemon curd and fresh local strawberries:


Cecilia said...

Hi! I had the good fortune of stumbling upon your adorable shop last weekend after some satisfying record browsing at Harvest. I had a Mexican Chocolate cupcake and I have to tell you, it is definitely one of the top 5 cupcakes I have ever tasted! It was very moist and dense and intoxicating and totally yummers.

I noticed you had a recipe for it in this blog and I wanted to know - was the one I tried vegan or non-vegan? I am not a vegan myself (although I have an affinity for many vegans and their delicious recipes) and wanted to know if I followed your recipe, it would be similar to the one I tasted.

Keep up the lovely work - I will DEFINITELY be back whenever I visit Asheville, and perhaps I will hear from you!


Short Street Cakes said...

Cecilia- thank you so much! Yes, the cupcake you had was vegan, and yes, that is the same recipe. see you soon!