Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mindblowing Cuteness.

I promise, I'll be posting more news in the very near future about the Sunday, February 22 Cake Shop Opening-Day-Mardi-Gras-Handmade-Craft-Fest-Carnival-Fair-Cake-Walk-Extravaganza at 227 Haywood Road. But in the meantime:

How freaking cute is my new awning? And due to the crappyness of my camera and the brightness of the sun, you can't even see that not only is this a PINK awning, its a PINK AND WHITE STRIPED AWNING. And also, its says Short Street Cakes on each side. Cute to death.


Anonymous said...

I seen your shop as I drive to my husbands work on the otherside of the river!!! So happy I found it. Will be in next week to order my daughter birth day cake.

See ya soon....


Alexia said...

holy freaking awning cuteness. can't wait to drink in the stripes on 2/22.