Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring Engagement Party

Last night I got to spend a lovely evening at the home of some lovely friends, celebrating the engagement of their son. I also was hired to make some cake, so, I did. This one is a triple chocolate ganache:

And this one is Italian Cream Cake:

The flowers are from Jennifer at Fisher Branch Farm (find her at the City Market on Charlotte Street on Saturdays), and from my sweet friend Kari who brought over the little tea roses on the top of the chocolate cake. Both ladies saved my behind. Also, Michelle Bevans was there, from Asheville Face Painting doing some INCREDIBLE face painting:

Yeah, that's my pirate.
Thanks friends! what a great night.


Michael McMurtrey said...

It was great meeting you at Marco's last night. The pizza and the service was great. Thanks for chatting with us and making us feel welcome. I look forward to keeping in touch and possibly helping you out in the kitchen. Be sure to check out my blog as well. (www.onionringsacrossamerica.blogspot.com)

ada said...

hola jodi.
you've done it again. made the life of me and my loved ones just that much better by sharing the love of the cupcakes. made it over to heather's last night after getting an emergency phone call "hot sauce. you may want to come over to our house. there has been a visit by the cupcake fairy" and as we say SWAKATE before you knew it there we were joing b&h for cupcakes for dinner. gracias jodi!