Saturday, February 2, 2008

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

We just got back from the brand new French Broad Chocolate Lounge, and let me tell you, its gonna blow your mind, Asheville. Mom and Pop (literally) Jael and Dan have created a beautiful little space on South Lexington with cozy tables, wine, coffee and lots and lots of handmade, organic chocolate. I sampled a chocolate mint brownie (yum), then had a lavender honey truffle. (yum.) I also sampled the chai truffle, (yum) and finished all that chocolate off with a caramel covered in chocolate. I think there was smoked sea salt involved in the caramel. (um, YUM.) I like it. I like it alot.


skippy haha said...

ive seen the awning & website & i can't wait to try this! thanks for the heads up, glad it was good.

Gourmet Grrl said...

I can't say I was as impressed by the FBCL. I was less enthused by the truffles, I thought the flavor pairings were unique, but the textures were not rich or memorable enough. I thought the raspberry truffle would taste a lot more like raspberries, for example. I like the brown and light blue design of the joint. I'll return for the liquid chocolate, though.